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Mixed Martial Arts Shirts (MMA Shirts)

The unified rules of MMA clearly states that shirts are prohibited during competitions unless you are a women in which case you must use a shirt approved by the Commission. This doesn’t mean that shirts have not received their own series of adjustments to satisfy the MMA market.

One possible categorization for MMA shirts is the following:

  • MMA Training Shirts: Rash guards or specialized compression shirts, training t-shirts.
  • Walk-out/Weigh-ins Shirts: Shirts used during the competition to represent the fighters.

MMA Training Shirts

For an MMA fighter it is key that you improve your ground skills. Constant ground training have provided the need for athletes to protect themselves against the ground. For these reason, the Rash Guard was invented as a specialized MMA Shirt. People may debate that a Rash Guard is just a Compression shirt, but this is not the case. Although Rash Guards do provide in fact the same features that a compression shirt provides (reduced muscle fatigue, improved circulatory benefits, moisture wicking, etc.) they have other benefits that regular compression shirts do not have:

  1. Rash guards have additional stitching to provide reinforcement to support pulling and stretching during training on the ground.
  2. Their material is in general terms thicker and stronger to protect the athlete from the constant rubbing against the floor or mat.

Aside from MMA fighters, Jiu Jitsu fighters use rash guards especially for their “no-gi” training. In addition to this, some Jiu Jitsu fighters use a Rash guard under the Gi to benefit from its compression features. Some fighters argue that the use a Rash guard limits them from using their complete range of motion during training or competition. Although this may be true, rash guards provide other features that keep an athlete from performing at their peak and prevent injuries – therefore it is the athletes choice to decide what is more important to them during training/competition.

Some of the top MMA brands have also created t-shirts that use specialized materials (from bamboo fibers and other anti-microbial materials) to allow athletes to enjoy some of the benefits from more expensive alternatives like a rash guards. This allows the athlete feel more comfortable during their long training sessions.

Walk-out and weigh-ins Shirts

Another major category for MMA Shirts are walk-out shirts. Fighters represent their personalities and promote their sponsors using custom made shirts for the main competition and during their official weigh-ins prior the fights. Fans can also be a participant of the fights and promote their favorite fighter by wearing one of these shirts. The same way fans from other sports can represent their team by picking one of their favorite player form a team and wear their shirt.

We hope that this article helps those who wanted to understand what to expect while choosing a particular MMA shirt while training or to represent their favorite fighters. We welcome you to write us with any comments about this or any else on our website.

You may find our collection of MMA Shirts for Men and MMA Shirts for Women.

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